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  • Furniture fully tested to Euro EN747 for safety design & finish
  • 5 Year guarantee
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  • first in this market niche 1993
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*We were the first maker and retailer in UK of this childrens' furniture in 1993!

* We are in award-winning Willows Farm Village for kids

*We specialise in system beds--largest choice in UK

*We have the latest-technology mattresses to

protect any allergies

* We prove only small firms give the best initial advice and choices


Tots to Teens Furniture Co are specialists in childrens desks.

We realised that the bulk of desks available on the market are too wide for your average child's bedroom where the desk can only be,or just so the child can have peace to work at the older stage.

So we have sourced or can produce some additional smaller-width desks,and if you want to have a special one-off ,please email your requirements to Tots to Teens Furniture Co..

    We also are aware that at the varoius growth stages, its best to have an adjustable -height desk,

for longevity and value.You obviously need an adjustable chair then too.But its a fact that if the preferred desk is not adjustable,then children are determined to climb up!So a wider more stable seat

or stool is safer from toppling.We can show more of these chairs shortly on this site. - Thu May 25 07:43:26 BST 2017 [web4]