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  • Furniture fully tested to Euro EN747 for safety design & finish
  • 5 Year guarantee
  • 100% secure online shopping
  • Knowledgeable friendly customer service
  • first in this market niche 1993
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*We were the first maker and retailer in UK of this childrens' furniture in 1993!

* We are in award-winning Willows Farm Village for kids

*We specialise in system beds--largest choice in UK

*We have the latest-technology mattresses to

protect any allergies

* We prove only small firms give the best initial advice and choices

Single beds

In our showroom,we point out to people      these 3TYPES OF SINGLE BEDS below.

When moving their toddler from its outgrown cotbed we ask what space they have

and show its possible to go to a full size single with retaining siderails,instead of an

intermediate junior bed.Side- retaining  rails can be added or removed as desired,and the

underspace can be used to hide a spare guestbed,or storage under-drawers.

Tots to Teens Furniture Co's SPECIALTY IS SYSTEM -BEDS

meaning beds which can have conversion kits added to raise the bed to mid-high,semi-high, 2-tierbunks,or others in our page- top-buttons above.You can save buying whole

intermediate beds and just reuse the top bed section on top of different height,lower frame

modules in kit form,also you can choose a vertical space- saving ladder, or the easier child-friendly sloping ladders ,some with helping handles too.We can sell smaller sizes of system beds too.

  Starter Low bed- bases can be adjusted up in two stages also ,as the child grows,to allow

a lower cabin storage bed with deeper/longer under-drawers.Not forgetting our packages

of two beds/two mattresses at this stage too.

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